Big Steps = Better Service

In addition to adding Mike C (Groundsman) to our team, we just purchased our first piece of equipment. She’s our new stick collector! John Deer 317G Tracked Skid Loader. We managed to pull this investment off by #1, having outstanding clients and #2, going through our new John Dealer in Virginia, MN. Northland Lawn & Equipment. We had an outstanding experience with them and look forward to expanding our fleet in the coming years.

Somehow, we managed to scrape together change from the washer and the couch cushions to buy a used grapple attachment for now. We should have a brand new Ryan’s Articulating Grapple coming in late fall to help our production and efficiency on a broader spectrum of jobs.

This machine will not only make our job safer and more efficient, but it should allow us to expand our services. Such as, stump grinding/shredding, snow plowing, and land/lot clearing. What an opportunity to provide a superior service to a wider variety of clients!

We can not wait to send this machine out into the field to better serve our community! Looking forward to the winter season as we have built some momentum in these first five months of business in Ely, MN.

Thanks for checking in!

5 Months In, Making hay while it’s dry

Well, we are well into 5 months of business. My son, Rogan, is growing more and more by the day. The business is growing quickly but at a manageable pace. It feels like last month was just May but last I checked the calendar we are about into fall up here in Ely. Holy cow! No complaints though. Life has been good. Busy, but good. As many of you know, we had a severe wind event towards the end of July and that made us that much busier. That opened doors to hire this awesome guy in the picture, Mike Cardinal. Hiring Mike and purchasing our first piece of machinery were two large steps for our new business but were necessary for our company to provide a superior service. We are looking forward to the days to come. Hopefully we won‘t slow down and we can just keep growing and growing. This community needs it! I would go into more details but we should have some more updates coming to better inform our followers on our progress. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Getting Settled Into Ely

We, Jessica, Rogan, and myself, are getting settled in. Our little house, in town, matched with a rather large garage has turned out to be a perfect combination to move into Ely and start Dutchman Tree Service. Unpacking has been a step by step process with a newborn, but its getting done.

The business is getting established step by step as well. Everything from getting decals printed for the truck to finding a great accountant for the business. Thankfully, Ely is small and it hasn’t been all too time consuming or difficult to figure out what this town has to offer.

My wife and I are looking forward to serving this community and cannot wait to start working full time again.

I hope you enjoy this Blog and you tune in every week to receive an update on the life within Dutchman Tree Service LLC.

Thank you and Enjoy!